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Graphic Design

Mustbuzz Graphic Design based in Surabaya is a platform of Basuki Rahmat‘s graphic artworks from branding, prints, packaging and website designs. Basuki Rahmat is both Graphic and Web Designer.

Mustbuzz Graphic Design was initially developed in 2009 and has since flourished into a highly regarded, customer focused design business. As a freelance Graphic designer based in Surabaya, Basuki can provide artworks both offline and online. He can offer an exceptional graphic design artworks from small to large prints.

He combines artistry, technology and experience to fully capture the client’s business personality and create an effective visual brand, be that design or web-solutions.

Web Design

Basuki is also passionate about website design, he can utilize graphic to create initial creative concepts to finalized online website for variety of business fields. The works cover company profile websites, online shopping websites, or online catalogs.

Throughout this process, Basuki also injects a refreshing mix of creativity and a common-sense approach, which people believe sets the studio apart. Understanding your needs, expectations and goals is crucial to developing a solid strategy and the best outcome for your brand.

Graphic Designer Surabaya

Graphic Designer Surabaya

3 Reasons why you need to hire a Graphic Designer.

  • Graphic design is everywhere.
    Graphic design is visual communication and anything that needs to be communicated that cannot be done verbally must be put into some form of design that send the message across. Now everything around you from magazines, coffee mug, and even the typeface in a TV ad are all examples of graphic design.

    Graphic Design is a huge part of our daily life and you probably barely notice it.

  • Your business needs to stand out.
    No, not every small business needs to stand out, but if you are in a market with other dozens similar businesses, you need to stand out. You cannot just use a clip art logo to identify your business.
  • You do not have time.
    Now we are talking the business. Contact Basuki Rahmat now to get the initial quotation