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Warmest greetings to you as you land on to this platfom of Mustbuzz Design. Here is a playground of Basuki Rahmad‘s creative works.

Website and Graphic Design Surabaya

Basuki Rahmad is a graphic designer based in Surabaya.
His specialty is not only in graphic design alone, but also in the field of brand design development, print design and interactive websites.
Basuki is always commited to conducting business in accordance aesthetic design, discipline and design ethics.

Responsive Website

Responsive Website

Web Design

Every business must have a single website to portray the professionality of the company. Either it is a static web or a very dynamic and engaging website, as long as it delivers customers to your business.

Print Design

At mustbuzz, we also provide services to produce company profile, brochures, frequent flyers, banners, magazines, annual reports, and even promotional materials.

Logo Design

If you are a business newcomer or professional business player whom needs a new entity of your company, you already step in the right place to start consulting.

Website Design

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Graphic Design

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Branding Design

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